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What's Involved

A typical week on a Core Programme or Parent-Managed Workshop Programme:

  • One-to-one teaching for 7 hours each day, over 5 days per week.
  • A total of 35 hours with an additional 5 hours teaching from parents at the weekend.
  • Programme intensity is key to optimal progress. This is made manageable by dividing the day into two 3 ½ hr sessions.
  • Sessions include many play activities, and extended breaks to play outside, have a snack, go to the park, etc.
  • The teaching session are fun, to ensure the child is motivated and enjoys learning.
  • Typically, in the early years, children complete short periods of activities where they are taught a skill for between 2-5min and then have a 1-2 min break during which play skills are shaped and mastered skills are generalised using natural environment training and incidental teaching.
  • Teaching takes place around the child’s home initially (as appropriate to the family), usually with one room used as a base for teaching materials, toys, etc.
  • Later a gradual integration into nursery or school takes place, if appropriate for the child. Initially, short sessions are conducted at school while for the remainder of the week the child continues to learn in the home setting.
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