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Our Services

We provide two models of service. Both services utilise the same methods and teaching programme, and have been demonstrated as effective through research, published in our publication:

Assessing progress during treatment for young children with autism receiving intensive behavioural interventions (Hayward, D., Eikeseth, S., Gale, C., & Morgan, S. (2009), Autism, 13, 613-633).

Models of delivery:

  • Fully staffed core programme: UKYAP hire, employ and manage all staff for the programme. This can be delivered in most parts of London, Birmingham, Bristol, and some regions surrounding these cities.
  • Parent-managed workshop-based programme: Parents hire and manage the tutors to work with their child. A consultant from UKYAP runs the programme and conducts consultancy workshops to train staff and update the child’s programme. This service can be provided anywhere in the UK (providing we have staff availability) and to some overseas countries.
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