I am very happy with the service we receive and feel UK YAP, being a larger organisation, is able to provide excellent service, good access to staff and a wider range of skills than one could get with a lone consultant - a parent

Our Services

UK Young Autism Project provides fully comprehensive home-based or school-based ABA programmes:

• Our first service is for pre-school children of 0 to rising 5. Children transition from this service at the beginning of the school term in which they will reach 5 years old.

• The second service is for primary school aged children of rising 5 years to rising 12. Children transition from this service at the beginning of the school year in which they will turn 12.

• The third service is for secondary school aged children of rising 12 to 19 years. Young adults transition from this service at the end of the school year in which they turn 19.

In addition, UK Young Autism Project provides consultation services for young adults with autism or related disorders.

Programme Packages

Fully-Staffed Core ABA Programme

This is our core provision and a centre of excellence. It is a fully staffed home-based ABA programme provided to children who live within a manageable travelling distance from our London and Birmingham hubs. UK Young Autism Project provides a team of tutors along with a senior tutor and consultant. Core Programme places are limited; however we do provide Parent-Managed Workshop-Based ABA Programmes when our Core ABA Programmes are at capacity, and also to those who live further away.

Parent-Managed Workshop-Based ABA Programme

Parent-Managed Workshop-Based ABA Programmes are designed to help families set up ABA programmes of their own, based on the UCLA model of ABA. A consultant will be assigned to your child’s case and he or she will travel to your home and, during a three day workshop, teach you how to begin your child's treatment. This will include learning ABA theory, instructions about the ABA teaching procedures, what to teach, when to teach, how to keep records, how to supervise your staff, and how to analyse problems in your child's learning. The majority of the time will be spent working directly with your child. After completion of the workshop, the consultant will arrange regular follow-up visits to help insure your child's continued progress.


UK Young Autism Project can provide standardised assessments which provide an objective outline of developmental progress. This may be suitable for parents who have concerns about areas of their child's development.

Other Services Provided by UK Behaviour Analysis and Research Group

Consultation services are available for children and adults, with or without developmental difficulties, who are experiencing problems in one or more of the following areas:

  • Individual or group behaviour management
  • Classroom management
  • Eating and drinking skills
  • Toilet training skills
  • Attentional and/or motivational skills
  • Social skills
  • Academic skills 

Apply for Our Services

If you would like to apply for our services, please download the new service application form:

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For further information download our information pack, or email us via the contact page or call 020 3369 9630.

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